Welcome to Storybrooke.

Donna Ashton. Madame Morrible, from Wicked. Vocal Coach. FC: Meryl Streep. TAKEN. 

Donna Ashton is another one of Storybrooke’s finest. Though unlike most of the little town’s high society, she takes pleasure in actually working as a hobby -even though she doesn’t have to at all; Donna is as rich as they come. She is a very selective vocal coach who only takes the best of the best who’d be worth her time. Donna is known for her impeccable voice and ability to reach the highest notes you’ll ever hear flawlessly; the reason why she can hand-pick her students and make them audition over and over again in order to get two hours a week with her -maybe more if you are really good, which never happens. Her star students are Brandon Wilde (let’s be real, what is he not good at?) and Karen Davenport, but Donna still doesn’t seem to take any special interest in any of them; though Karen would absolutely die for some special attention from her mentor. Donna is looking for something more, someone with a voice that would make her jaw drop. True, Karen has a lot of potential, but she doesn’t feel real. The great one wants someone that feels real (you can blame those kinds of standards on hours and hours watching Simon from American Idol, her guilty pleasure). It was when she was visiting Storybrooke’s animal shelter to buy a new collar for her cat that she heard it. The kind of voice she was looking for. Donna surprised Shae Blake in the middle of her singing-to-puppies moment, and has been insisting for the girl to take her classes ever since, but the girl is very reluctant about it. Needless to say, Donna’s sudden interest in the shelter’s “gree girl” is driving Karen out of her mind.

Somewhere over the rainbow in a land called Oz, Donna was known as Madame Morrible, the head master of Shiz University and loyal friend of the Wizard. When she first met Elphaba and found out about her talent, Madame Morrible made it her mission to teach the green girl everything about sorcery -what she didn’t count on was the blonde and pink, sing-songing package that came along. The Madame wanted to become the Oz’s Pre-Secretary by taking advantage of Elphaba and her gift along with the Wizard, and we all know how that worked out… 

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